To empower rural women of age group between 18 to 35 and make them self sufficient.

Jyothi Reddy's Vision

Her life’s journey has taught her one important thing. To live the live to the fullest, one has to work. She has observed that many women in rural India are dependent on their parents/husband. For her dependency is losing the freedom and thus losing the life.

She wants to create a program which trains women of age between 18-35 on various employable skills and provides them an opportunity to earn. This way they become financially independent and they can lead a better life with good standards. She is currently formulating a strategy to make it possible.


She is determined to bring in positive change in the way they see the life, take on the challenges, learn new skills, apply those skills in life and eventually elevate their social status.

Through this program, she wants to empower women especially among rural communities. This program will also improve their economic condition by imparting vocational skills to become self-reliant.

Before the program, she intends to do in-depth analysis on socio-economic background of women in the selected model village. She wants to assess the needs of women to get economical independency and decision-making capacity.

Her team then works on preparing comprehensive implementation plan which includes interaction with women, sensitizing them on various life-skills, preparing vocational training plan based on their interests, imparting training under the guidance of experts and thereby increasing their self-confidence.

Each of such objectives will be converted into result-oriented training activity. Thus, she wants to emphasize on establishing an enabling and encouraging training environment for them to learn skills.

Besides imparting life-changing skills, she also wants to provide them counseling, groom their entrepreneurship skills, train them with adequate marketing / promotional skills and also help them in getting placement based the learned skills.

Primarily, she is planning a 6 months life-changing training program is aimed to enable women earn on their own from 7th month onwards.