To empower rural women of age group between 18 to 35 and make them self sufficient.

Recent Activities

V-care shadow
Jyothi Reddy has visited V’Care Foundation for Orphans and Street Children on 25 December 2011 and so moved by the children's plight that she assured her continuous support them.
She said her 'heart was broken' after witnessing conditions at these children and orphans. She spent supported the organisations for benefit of children, many of whom had lost one or both parents due many circumstances.
She has assured to come back to organisation during each of her visit to India and support them accordingly.
Orphan Rights Representation to Central Government - Delhi shadow
Orphan Rights Representation to Central Government - Delhi
Jyothi Reddy is not just a lady went to America and for making. Her success story has not ended making just money and fame.
It is the attitude and humbleness of Jyothi Reddy which really made the people to notice her and started extending their service to fellow human kind. Jyothi Reddy never forgot her roots. In every visit to India she visits Orphanages, Old age homes and spends time with them, provides them financial assistance. She visits Women’s colleges and empowers them with her life experience.
She stands for the orphans and represented to the government to make a legislation to safeguard their rights. In this direction, she is formulated a Force for Orphans Rights and Community Empowerment (FORCE) with likeminded NGOs. As Chairperson of this initiative, she is taking up a National Consultations for Orphans Rights with Parliament Members (MPs) and other Law Makers from 16 - 21 May 2012 at New Delhi.
Maaillu Prajadharana Orphanage shadow
Prajadharana Orphanage
Jyothi Reddy treats Prajadharana an Orphanage Home near Zaffargadh, Warangal District as her second home. She has lot of attachment with this home and children of the home. She has been helping this orphanage since long time.
In her every visit to India, she makes it a point to spent few days with the children at this Orphanage. She has inspired many girl children in the home to take up the challenges in life and move forward with the continuous pursuit of education.
Today, many girls from Prajadharana Orphanage is excelling in their academic performance and doing professional courses in some of the prestigious educational institutions in the state.
Support Old Age shadow
Support Old Age
Jyothi Reddy has visited an Old age home at Moulaali, Hyderabad in April 2010 and spend time with them.
During her visit, she has distributed clothes, medicines, fruits, etc. She has spent lot of time and interacted with each old age person in knowing about their background, why they become orphans, how they landed into old age home, their current health conditions, their medical needs, etc.
She assured her continuous support this Old Age Home.